La Cera Mágica beautifies your entire environment, naturally! La Cera Mágica cleans, nourishes, embellishes and waterproofs a multitude of surfaces such as wood, plastic, terracotta, metal, leather and many others! No matter whether you wish to transform an old wooden dresser into a precious antique, return the bumpers of your car and convertible tops to their original color, restore your floors and the flowerpots in your garden to give them a new life or revive that old leather bag which was forgotten in your closet. This product leads you the way!


La Cera Mágica is such a versatile polish that you can apply on almost any surface. With just one hand, it cleans, nourishes and waterproofs your most loved objects. Just apply a tiny amount of balm with a sponge, then gently rub the surface to be treated. La Cera Mágica is made with natural ingredients only: pure coconut oil and beeswax which comes from the province of Albacete in Spain. The elaboration is conducted very carefully with just minimal heat to preserve all of its properties. The final product is such a versatile cream that you can apply it on almost any surface. With just one hand, clean, nourish and waterproof your most loved objects.


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